Cochlear Implants vs. Deaf Culture?

Woodcock, Kathryn, 1992. Cochlear Implants vs. Deaf Culture? In Mervin Garretson (Ed.), Viewpoints on Deafness: A Deaf American Monograph. Silver Spring, MD: National Association for the Deaf. pp. 151-155.

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Also included in this anthology:

Woodcock, K., 2001. Cochlear Implants vs. Deaf Culture? In: Bragg, L. (Ed.) Deaf World. New York: New York University Press, p. 325–332.

Author: Kathryn Woodcock

Dr. Kathryn Woodcock is Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, teaching, researching, and consulting in the area of human factors engineering / ergonomics particularly applied to amusement rides and attractions (, and to broader occupational and public safety issues of performance, error, investigation and inspection, and to disability and accessibility.